The situation in Iraq

The humanitarian crisis in Iraq remains one of the largest in the world. The violence perpetrated by the Islamic State group followed by military campaigns forced hundreds of thousands of children and their families to flee their homes. Over 3 million Iraqis are currently displaced. Many of them are now living in precarious conditions without suitable shelter and are unable to provide for their children's basic needs.

Children and their families suffer from the food insecurity, lack of sufficient health care, protection support, drinking water and sanitation. They need shelters, basic household goods and education. More than 1.2 million additional people may be forced to flee their homes in 2017. Due to insecurity in the region, very little humanitarian aid is able to reach them.


Where we work

Our history in Iraq

Terre des hommes (Tdh) has been helping internally displaced children and their families in Iraq since 2014.

The first emergency response took place in the Zakho District in Dahuk Governorate in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

In response to the assessments in Kirkuk Governorate in January 2015, Tdh provided cash assistance to displaced families and vulnerable families from the host community in Kirkuk Town. Cash assistance was further extended to Daquq District in 2016.

Subsequent assessments in the Salah-Al-Din Governorate in 2016 resulted in the implementation of child protection and education activities, sanitation and hygiene activities, the distribution of non-food items, a cash-grant programme and camp coordination and camp management activities (CCCM).

Tdh was the first international actor in Tikrit, Baiji and Sherqat districts in Salah-Al-Din Governorate to provide an integrated emergency response to the first and important wave of internally displaced children and their families fleeing the military operations in Iraq.

In reaction to the military operations around Mosul in late 2016 which generated the largest and the most complex humanitarian response in recent years, Tdh started to provide an emergency aid in Tal Jarabia (south of Tal Afar), the Scorpion Junction (south of Mosul) and western Mosul.

Tdh currently ensures that the beneficiaries in targeted areas have access to safe drinking water and sanitation, protection (through child protection and CCCM activities), essential goods, shelter and emergency education.

Tdh has been active in Kirkuk, Daquq, Tikrit, Baiji and Tooz districts and more recently in Sherqat, Tal Afar, and Mosul districts.



Tdh works with the partner organisation Aladins Wunderlampe to transfer children with heart disease to Switzerland for specialised medical treatment.
Emergency intervention in the Dohuk area with the distribution of winterization kits for displaced families.

Start of the financial support project for the most vulnerable families in Kirkuk via the partner Civil Development Organisation.

Start of activities in the Tooz district with the distribution of winterization kits and water and hygiene projects.

Extension of the cash grant programme to Daquq District.

Start of a child protection project in Nazrawa camp for displaced families in Kirkuk.

Launch of water and hygiene activities, child protection and displaced people mapping projects, as well as the distribution of hygiene kits and shelter kits in the north of Tikrit.

Launch of child protection and education activities in Tooz District.

Extension of child protection, education, water and hygiene activities and a cash grant programme to Sherqat District.

Start of camp coordination and camp management (CCCM) activities, coordinating the emergency response between international and national actors in Tikrit and Northern Salah- Al-Din Governorate.


Opening of two Reception Centres for internally displaced people in Sherqat.

Distribution of emergency humanitarian aid in Tal Jarabia (South of Tal Afar), the Scorpion Junction (South of Mosul) and western Mosul.