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19.05.2017 - News

Iraq: Rising temperatures put displaced children at risk of dehydration

As temperatures steeply rise, thousands of displaced children are at risk of dehydration in Iraq. Displaced families that flee the western part of Mosul spend hours on the trucks in the desert to get to the Scorpion Junction, a muster point for newly displaced from Mosul. Terre des hommes’ (Tdh) emergency team distributes them safe drinking water every day.

Families in the war-affected area of Mosul face difficult conditions: “We were worried about our children. We lacked water, food and medical services. Some families refused to leave and stayed in Mosul,” says a woman who has just arrived on the truck to Scorpion Junction.

Terre des hommes teams started the distribution of water in the Scorpion Junction in the beginning of March, two weeks after the operation to retake the western part of Mosul had started. “The weather was still cold in March. Families did not have anything to keep their children warm. That is why we distributed blankets back then. But the weather changed very quickly. Nowadays, everybody desperately seeks shade,” explains Leslie Moulin, our Emergency Distribution Project Manager in Iraq.

Water distribution takes place every day.  As soon as families arrive on trucks, we provide them with water. Children arrive exhausted and dehydrated. As temperatures are expected to rise and can reach up to 50 °c in August, water distribution will be one of our major concerns in the months to follow,” adds Leslie.

Terre des homes has already distributed 200,000 bottles of water to children and families in the Scorpion Junction since March 2017.

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Photo credit: © Tdh