Terre des hommes (Iraq)

06.02.2017 - News

New! MyTdh: launch your own child support campaign

MyTdh lets you create your own fundraising campaign for children in need. Do you have a birthday coming up, a sports challenge or a company event to celebrate? This is the perfect opportunity to support a worthy cause. In just three clicks, you can launch your campaign for vulnerable children on mytdh.ch. Help make a change.

MyTdh – a simple and innovative tool

On mytdh.ch, anyone can create a campaign supporting vulnerable children. Choose your campaign event and the project you wish to support. Then select the date your event takes place and create your personalised page. Once you have launched your campaign, ask your friends, family and colleagues to show their support. It's as simple as that!

For companies

If you own or work for a company and have a birthday, sports event or celebration coming up, launch your own MyTdh campaign and encourage your colleagues to support a worthy cause. Companies can pledge to match donations, maximising your campaign’s impact.

Your support makes all the difference. Join us now on mytdh.ch!

Our ambassadors also support us! Discover Miss Suisse Lauriane Sallin’s campaign for her road trip in a truck all the way to Morocco, or the Tornay’s incredible story, a recently married couple who travelled around the world for their honeymoon and faced crazy challenges to fundraise for Tdh.