Terre des hommes (Iraq)

14.10.2016 - News

Washing hands saves lives

Haiti is once again in turmoil after bearing the brunt of hurricane Matthew. Today, the biggest threat facing local populations is cholera. However, this deadly illness can be stopped by a simple action: regularly washing hands. Our specialists are currently working with children and families to ensure that handwashing becomes a habit. In Haiti and elsewhere, washing hands saves lives. Learn more about our activities celebrating Global Handwashing Day on Saturday, the 15th October:

After the earthquake in 2010, our teams taught children how to wash their hands correctly.

Children practice washing their hands using these gestures.

Children show their friends and families what they have learnt, spreading the message.

In India this week, we are running activities in 12 villages and four schools in Assam and West Bengal to provide information and raise awareness. Children learn while taking part in games, theatre activities and drawing competitions.

In Nepal, we are working with groups of mothers and volunteer women to run a handwashing information campaign. Around 500 children will take part in demonstrations and practical exercises.

In Bangladesh, Terre des hommes (Tdh) teams distribute hand soap and hygiene kits. We also organise handwashing demonstrations, classes and quizzes for children.

“Children are always learning. From a very young age, they start to understand social rules, developing life-long habits. Tdh’s work focuses specifically on children to ensure that they wash their hands regularly with soap when they need to,” says the director of a school Tdh works with. 

Photo credit: © Tdh